Nicaragua now ranks as the second safest country in the western hemisphere (second only to my home country, Canada), and offers a compelling opportunities to get in on the most affordably priced vacation/retirement properties in the Western Hemisphere. With its beautiful secluded beaches, dependable year-round surf break, charming colonial towns, and awe-inspiring volcano ranges, it really is no surprise that retirees and investors alike have become bewitched with Nicaragua.

With 3 years experience as an investor in Nicargua, and now as a vendor of real estate, I am well prepared to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether it's a lot, farm, villa or condo, beachfront, ocean view, or valley view, place to retire, vacation home, or investment property I have the know how and experience to serve you best.

Thinking about retirement? Nicaragua ranks highly among the very best places in the world to retire! In their recent 2009 Retirement Report, Forbes Magazine wrote an article entitled “Is Nicaragua the Next Retirement Paradise?” According to Forbes "With 450 miles of coastline, charming Spanish colonial towns, a cost of living up to 60% less than in the U.S. and a good reputation for safety, it's an exotic Florida on the cheap” and adds, "the country's best selling point has been value." In another earlier article, Forbes states “30% of Baby Boomers who invest in real estate through self directed IRA's, are now interested in investing and retiring overseas. Nicaragua, with its low cost of living and safety, ranks amongst the top of these Foreign Retirement Destinations”. The search for your dream retirement is now over - the lifestyle afforded in Nicaragua really can’t be matched!

Did you know that Nicaragua was recently ranked in the Top 5 Surfing Destinations in the World? With offshore breezes approximately 320 days a year and consistent year long swells the San Juan del Sur region is quickly becoming known as the best surf spot in Central America! Let me help you find your perfect surf getaway.

Whether you are a surfer looking for some land next to that perfect break, an outdoor enthusiast looking to bird watch in the tropics, or a retiree interested in investing in one of the most relaxing and friendly places to retire, I can help you find the Nicaraguan property you are looking for.

I am located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. What was once a sleepy fishing village is becoming a hot spot for Baby Boomers looking to get in on some of the best Pacific coast real estate deals in the western hemisphere. San Juan del Sur has it all….a variety of excellent restaurants, an art gallery, cooking classes, yoga studios, water aerobics classes, horseback riding and local watering holes popular with ex-pats. Surfers and backpackers had been quietly exploring Nicaragua's southern Pacific coastline for years but now baby boomers are setting down roots and are quickly becoming the largest demographic to invest in this tropical paradise.

With the prices of Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize and even Panama skyrocketing, many are recognizing that Nicaragua offers the greatest growth potential in Central America. With the US economy slowdown, people have been looking outside of the US for retirement opportunities. I am seeing an ever growing amount of retirees coming to San Juan del Sur. Nicaragua now offers people the most value for their money and allows them to retire in a style that they dreamed about. The cost of living has increased in Nicaragua, as it has done world-wide, but the cost of living is still significantly less than you would find in the US or Canada. Yesterday I was able to pick up a pineapple and a bunch of grapefruit for less than a dollar!

With an estimated 8 million baby boomers planning to move abroad over the next few years, and Nicaragua now ranking in the Top 5 of these foreign retirement destinations, Nicaragua seems like a safe bet in terms of investment potential.

Contact me and let’s start working on making your tropical paradise retirement dream a reality.