Nicaragua: wildlife viewing on the San Juan river


Nicaragua's San Juan river was once one of the most important in the world; now it is a peaceful waterway surrounded by jungle, with amazing bird and animal life, but very few tourists. Former hunter turned wildlife guide Don Pedro takes Kevin Rushby on a night-time boat tour in search of caiman

Get To Know Nicaragua

Ometepe’s Concepcion Volcano

Although Nicaraguans seem to not like their country being compared to Costa Rica, the potential for Nicaragua to level the playing field in Central American tourism is growing. Both destinations boast rich biodiversity, adventure excursions and stunning coastlines. But unlike its more popular neighbor to the south, Nicaragua is still developing after many years of political upheaval.

Nicaragua tourism: the next Costa Rica?


The sun shines down on lush orange mangos hanging from trees that line the road for miles, as farmers sit behind small wooden stands, selling fresh fruit to passersby. Children can be heard laughing and playing in a nearby schoolyard.

Nicaragua: On the verge


The second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua nevertheless is determined to exploit its location and environmental treasures to create a tourist trade rivaling that of any destination in the region. Pictured here, the view from the roof of Leon's cathedral, which was built in 1529.

Guided getaway: Explore old colonial towns or remote islands in Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is beginning to appear on the radar of travelers, with its natural beauty and old-fashioned charm that neither tourism nor internal strife has ruined.

Visit San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

locals gather outside the local butcher in San Juan Del Sur. Photo: Kristin Fortier

In San Juan del Sur, locals share their secret break, lunch comes straight from the sea, and you fantasize about staying for good.

Nicaragua with kids


An inexpensive and surprising destination for family-friendly adventure travel

SAN JUAN DEL SUR, Nicaragua -- The view out over the expansive Pacific from the forested hilltop was vintage, travel-poster Central America — the scallop-shaped Bay of San Juan del Sur, complete with its trademark 45-foot high fiberglass statue of Jesus de la Misericordia, glistening in the morning sunlight.

In Lush Nicaragua, Legacy of a Priest


THE Solentiname Islands in Nicaragua are familiar to aficionados of primitivist art. Paintings by local artists depict the islands as a paradise of impossibly lush flora, exotic birds, distinctive hanging birds’ nests and people happily going about their daily lives.

To visit the islands is to walk into one of those paintings.

House Hunting in ... Nicaragua



Perched on a rocky outcropping over the Pacific, this Mediterranean-style estate built a decade ago has a 3,900-square-foot home and two guesthouses for a total of six bedrooms, on about 3.7 acres of oceanfront property.

Nicaragua safe for tourists, and a destination for eco-travellers

Travel contributor Carol Perehudoff has a blast in Nicaragua.

SAN JUAN DEL SUR, NICARAGUA—“Is it safe?” people asked when I said I was going to Nicaragua.

Now's the time to visit Nicaragua

Enjoying a peace dividend after years of turmoil, this Central American nation offers empty beaches, exotic wildlife, tropical forests and recreational activities - and prices have yet to catch up with neighbouring Costa Rica.

Nicaragua Balances Beauty, Building

The global financial crisis sucked the financing out of some of Nicaragua’s biggest coastal development projects, but what is left over is a healthy balance of infrastructure improvement and preservation of local charm.

Nicaragua's New Day

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Thirty-two years after the revolution that rocked this hemisphere—and on the eve of a fraught election (Daniel Ortega, again?)—Andrew Cockburn savors Nicaragua's natural charms and political paradoxes (and does some fine fishing, too).

Eco-Travel Guide: Nicaragua

An eco travel guide to Nicaragua. Pictured: Jicaro Island Ecolodge. Photo Courtesy of Jicaro Island

Affordable, safe (believe it) and undiscovered (though not for long), Nicaragua is the next great eco-travel destination. F&W's Jen Murphy checks out its wildlife and nightlife.

Volcano Surfing: The 'Latest Hot Extreme Sport'


For many, watching a volcano spout lava 1,000 meters in the air is exciting enough. But true thrill seekers might prefer to actually slide down the side of active volcanoes at 50mph on a plank of wood.

Yes, this option is now available.

Kick back at one of these eco lodges

After spending time in beautiful and gritty Nicaragua, it's easy to understand why North Americans clamour to go back again.

Though still a developing country and about two decades behind Costa Rica's thriving tourism industry, over the past 20 years it has transformed itself into one of the safest and fastest-growing countries in Latin America.


CERRO NEGRO, Nicaragua — Peering down from atop the Cerro Negro volcano, it's easy to see how a daredevil on a bicycle earned a land speed record gliding down its cinder cone slope.
The drop is a stomach-churning 41-degree angle, for nearly 2,000 feet.
Tourists do it for fun.

Top 10 best value destinations for 2011

boat on Lago de Nicaragua with Volcano in the background (photo: Margie Politzer)

Worried that the economy might put a crimp in your travel plans next year? Never fear: travel doesn’t have to break the bank. Your currency may be depressed, but that doesn’t mean you have to be; there are still many destinations around the world that can be enjoyed on the cheap.

Adventures in Nicaragua

Some Sunset: A group of tourists gather on the beach of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. (photo: Esteban Felix)

As I prepared to hop on a plane to Nicaragua, a place I've never visited and have only cursory knowledge of, and Uncle Sam had me on edge.


Surfer Rex Calderon  (photo: Joao Canziani)

THE WIND IS HOWLING, the bats are flying, and I’m on the wrong side of the zona de peligro—no pase sign, peering into what 16th-century Spanish priests considered to be the burning maw of hell.

Best Places to Retire Abroad - Nicaragua

Granada - house in town center and a cathedral in Nicaragua.

(September/October 2010 issue)

The dollar goes a long way in Granada—and the breathtakingly beautiful landscape doesn't hurt either.

Surfline Best Bet

offshore winds and sand bottom surfing in Nicaragua

WaterWays Surf Adventures published a feature on surfing in Nicaragua:

10 exotic retirement hot spots for 2011

Granada, Nicaragua

Looking for your own slice of heaven? Central and South America offer the unbeatable combination of warm weather and inexpensive real estate. And for Old World charm, you'll always have Paris.

Super-affordable: Nicaragua, specifically León, Granada and San Juan del Sur

Nic' of Time

Bairds on a saddle, Ometepe Island, photo by Laura Hubber

"In a work of art, chaos must shimmer through the veil of order." ~ Novalis

Unthinkable not long ago to vacation in Nicaragua, but now, fully bathed in peace, and blessed with preternatural beauty, it is a beginning blip on the adventure travelers' radar; perhaps at the brink of a tourism revolution.

Twain’s Nicaragua, 144 Years Later

In 1866, Mark Twain described the volcanoes on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, as “two magnificent pyramids, clad in the softest and richest green, all flecked with shadow and sunshine.”

IT was June, the height of the Nicaraguan rainy season, and the sky was thick with clouds. Our small boat cut south through the wind-churned Pacific, rounding one bend, then another. The looming hills were green with shrubby trees and coastal grasses; where they met the water, layers of rock folded like cake frosting into the ocean.

Survivor Puts Nicaragua on Prime Time TV

Ratings for Nicaragua : Survivor will return Nicaragua to prime-time television in the United States. Pictured is the cast from last season's Survivor.

ar faded from the nightly news broadcasts of network television, Nicaragua is about to make its return to prime-time TV in the United States. Only this time, the story is much more positive.

Starting July 15, the Emmy award-winning reality TV series Survivor will start filming its 21st season in various remote areas around San Juan del Sur.

Nicaragua: A hike up the active volcano Concepcion

Volcan Concepttion

Reporting from Altagracia, Nicaragua

On the road south from the international airport in Managua, Nicaragua swooshes by, unfurling in buzzing, humid green. Fields of swaying banana trees recede from the road in rows, the shaggy fronds bouncing against a searing blue sky.

Real deal in Nicaragua

The Apoyo crater lake from the viewpoint at Catarina

(NOTE: visit this article online - there is an extensive gallery of photos from all over Nicaragua attached to this article)

It’s easy to see why Paul Rivers and Tyler Carpenter left the snow, cold, hustle and bustle behind back home in Canada.

Now that's what I call a black run! Dom Joly skis down a volcano in Nicaragua

Piste with a difference: Dom sets off down the Cerro Negro volcano  Read more:

When Dom Joly got a call from his agent he never dreamed it would lead to this ... skiing down a volcano in Nicaragua.

A Retiring Life on the Beach in Nicaragua, Despite Risks

Patrick Ruddy  ON THE BEACH San Juan del Sur.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua — Today, like every day, begins with a smoothie: a blend of pineapple, melon, banana, passion fruit, papaya, yogurt, nuts and pitaya, a Central American delicacy responsible for the bright magenta coloring of the drink in Bob Schmidt’s hand.

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