Nicaragua Targets AARP Crowd

Tropical Retirement: Nicaragua wants to become a hot new retirement destination.

(Tropical Retirement: Nicaragua wants to become a hot new retirement destination.)

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Responding to an increasingly complicated and competitive market in times of global economic downturn, the government of Nicaragua is changing its game plan.

Tourism Grows Despite Worldwide Slump

Hell of a View: Tourists march up along the ridge of Masaya Volcano's Santiago Crater, once thought to be the “gate to hell.”

In Nicaragua, three months into the rainy season usually means few tourists. But not this year.

In the first five months of 2009, tourism in Nicaragua grew by 11 percent, even as most of the world experienced a downward trend.

San Juan del Sur Rides Second Wave

Surf's Up: San Juan del Sur's real estate market is catching a second wave.

(Surf's Up: San Juan del Sur's real estate market is catching a second wave.)

SAN JUAN DEL SUR – Surfers bobbing in the lineup off the beach at San Juan del Sur know that if they miss one wave, another one is sure to come along.

The rules for investment, however, are usually trickier: you either stay ahead of the wave, watch it go by, or get crushed by it.

Nicaragua - choice eco-destination in a recession?

Granada, Nicaragua

If you've already done the "easy" central american destinations like Costa Rica and Belize and want to try something a little more adventuresome (and a little cheaper), you may be surprised how far Nicaragua's tourism infranstructure has come in a few short years.

Nicaragua Today: Affordable and Low-Key

© Trujillo/Paumier

In a country where history is alive and always present, T+L finds well-preserved colonial towns and remnants of the 1970’s revolution, teeming jungles, white-sand beaches, and charming Caribbean hideaways.

Nicaragua’s Ciudad of Dreams

Masaya, an active volcano just outside the city of Granada.

The last time I was in Granada, Nicaragua, was in 1984. My “solidarity gringo” friends and I, in the country to support the embattled Sandinista revolution, were taking a break from the capital city of Managua, where it seemed like every other person had an automatic weapon slung over their shoulder.

A Sport Erupts on a Live Volcano in Nicaragua

Scott B. Rosen for The New York Times

THERE’S nothing quite like the sudden silence one experiences midway through the descent down a roughly 1,600-foot volcanic slope, having just somersaulted out of the pebble-scraping, air-rushing trajectory previously occupied by you and your volcano board.

Off the Beaten Track | San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The town of San Juan del Sur on Nicaragua's Pacific Coast.

News editor Paula Szuchman on the remote beaches of Nicaragua.

Golf Slowly Making Inroads on Pacific Coast

tee off the 5th hole

TOLA, Nicaragua – Nicaragua's Pacific coastline has all the natural ingredients needed for a golf boom: there are large swaths of unused land that have been cleared by generations of cattle raising, abundant supplies of fresh water and rain, year-round sun and tropical weather, and stunning ocean views.

The Up-and-Coming Travel Spot for Down-and-Out Times

Surfing at Madera Beach in GQ Magazine

Nicaragua was featured in the March 2009 issue of GQ Magazine:

... Yes, the financial forecast is grim, but that doesn't mean you have to deny youself a sunny escape. Get to Central America, where the wave riding, cerveza sipping, and beach bumming come cheap and easy ...

(download the pdf to read the full article)

Nicaragua's Turf Beside the Surf

Talk about prime real estate: San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua has a mile-long stretch of sand on the edge of town. John Briley

Fourteen years ago, on my first trip to Costa Rica, I agreed to check out some land a Canadian expat was selling. Zancudo Peninsula. One lot back from a rustic beach. Lush hills. Thirty grand -- or, about $29,500 more than I had. I excused myself to catch some waves, and ever since have tried very hard not to dwell on how much that parcel must have appreciated.

Year of Discovery competition: volcanic activity

 Leon's El Calvario Church with Cerro Negro volcano in background  Photo: GETTY

Ruth Chapman is a runner-up in the adventure category of our travel writing competition with her tale of volcano boarding in Nicaragua.

Finding holiday joy far from Europe — in Nicaragua

Rick Steves - Travel Writer

Finding holiday joy far from Europe — in Nicaragua

Travel writer Rick Steves goes afar for holiday celebrations — to La Purisima festival in the city of Leon, Nicaragua


Tribune Media Services

The Rediscovery of Nicaragua

Morgan Stetler for The New York Times  Momotombo is one of 19 active volcanoes in Nicaragua, most of which are protected as parkland, allowing visitors to get close to nature at its most potent.

LOLL in one of the pools at Pelican Eyes, a new development above the town of San Juan del Sur, on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast: a tranquil breeze blows up the hillside from the perfect bay below, the pool’s disappearing edge merges with sea and sky, and the only sound is the rhythmic tapping of the bricklayers who are building the place — a compound of whitewashed, tile-roofed houses amid lush

Attracted by a Blend of Centuries and Cultures

Lonnie Schlein/The New York Times - A horse-drawn taxi, a common form of urban transit in Granada, an increasingly popular destination for the tourists Nicaragua is seeking.

ON a recent Saturday night, an invitation-only dance party was in full swing at Asia Latina, a Thai-style restaurant in the Nicaraguan city of Granada. The lights were dim, the music electronic and the kitchen that usually serves up pad Thai closed. And though the blistering sun had long set, a lingering heat hung in the room, which was decorated with Thai tapestries and Indian batiks.

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