The charm of Nicaragua is undeniable. The blending of different cultures and customs that took place in Nicaragua has resulted in the emergence of a creative,family oriented, happy, diversified and humorous culture. Even though this culture is relatively unknown outside of Nicaragua it is indeed rich, rewarding and wonderful.

The hospitality and friendliness of the Nicaraguan people is quickly recognized by visitors that have had the opportunity to get to know the country.

Religious celebrations are loud and boisterous events in Nicaragua. With various saints providing the inspiration, numerous dances, music and traditions have developed.

Each town has their own Saint or ‘Santo Patrono’ as they are called in Nicaragua. The festivities that take place when the residents of each town honor their Saint are called ‘Fiestas Patronales'. These festivities continue for several days in a row and are very colorful, folkloric and crowded. Fiestas Patronales are a real manifestation of the Nicaraguan culture and any trip to Nicaragua would be enriched by this experience.
A significant number of celebrants do not participate in a religious way. Most go to the festivities because it is part of local tradition. However, the religious mysticism continues to be a big part of the celebration.

Those who believe a rich cultural heritage enhances their lives and experience will not be disappointed by Nicaragua.