Laguna de Apoyo

Hunting for real estate properties in the San Juan del Sur area can be a hot and tiring process. It you are feeling worn out by the process, a great way to get refreshed is to take a day trip to the cool waters and the fresh clean air of Laguna de Apoyo. The trip from San Juan del Sur takes approximately 2 hours and you can affordably hire a driver for the day.

Laguna de Apoyo is likely the most beautiful laguna in Nicaragua and certainly the cleanest. It is possibly the cleanest laguna in all of Central America. It is located in the southern part of a long chain of volcanoes that stretch the length of Nicaragua from north to south. The Laguna is located in a wide crater and takes the form of an inverted cone. The beautiful waters of the Laguna are surrounded the leafy slopes of the volcano crater. Even though it is quite close to the dusty and hot cities of Masaya and Granada it feels very remote, isolated and significantly cooler.

The crater of Laguna de Apoyo was formed thousands of years ago, after a strong volcanic explosion. The explosion left a hole (inverted cone at the mouth of the crater) measuring over six kilometers in diameter. As years passed (it is estimated that the Laguna is 23,000 years old) subterranean waters and rain waters began to fill the crater. At the same time the walls of the inverted cone started to be covered in thick vegetation. Laguna de Apoyo is still an active volcano. It is considered a sleeping volcano. There is certain volcanic activity present in the form of hot springs. The waters must have some sort of mineral content as you will notice that your skin feels softer after swimming.

Laguna de Apoyo has a surface area of 5,200 acres and it very, very deep. Some estimates have the depth at 100 metres below sea level while the shoreline is approximately 75 metres above sea level making a depth of 175 metres at some points.

In 1991 the laguna was declared a natural reserve (Reserva Natural Laguna de Apoyo) and steps have been put in place to protect the natural beauty of the laguna along with its abundant flora and fauna.

At one end of the laguna there is a string of hotels and restaurants. Most of these establishments offer day passes so that you can use their facilities ie beach chairs, inner tubes etc for the day. The cost of these day passes vary but are all very reasonable.