The following is an overview of some of the more popular surf beaches on the Pacific side of Nicaragua.

Most of the most well known beaches are in the department of Rivas. This department is your best bet if you want to rent equipment or secure lessons. The most well know is likely Playa Maderas due to it's proximity to the village of San Juan del Sur. You can reach P.Maderas via a 15 minute taxi or shuttle of SJdS. Maderas has reliably consistent waves and accordingly can be crowded at times. There are a few taco stands on the beach and accommodation within walking distance.

Playa Remanso is located approximately 10 minutes south of San Juan del Sur. It's easy to find a taxi to take you to Playa Remanso but as of yet there are no shuttles. There are fewer people and easier waves at P.Remanso. There is limited accommodation at the beach but there are some food stands.

Playa Popoyo can be reached via a one hour (when the roads are good) taxi or bus ride. There can be many people here. Some people consider Popoyo as having the best waves in Nicaragua. This beach has a high degree of difficulty and beginners might want to start someplace else. There are a couple of surf camps in the area that serve food.

Playa Colorado is located with the Hacienda Iguana Beach Resort and the only car access is private. However, it is easy to hire a boat to take you there from San Juan del Sur. It can be crowded and it is of moderate difficulty. There is a small restaurant within the resort but it is quite a hike from the beach. There are limited hotel rooms.

Playa La Boquita is located in the department of Carazo. There are very few people and the beach is readily accessible. There are plenty of beach restaurants in the area and a few hotels. It is moderate difficulty. It might be difficult to rent equipment here or secure lessons.

There are two beaches that are easy to reach from Managua. Both beaches present with a relatively low degree of difficulty and can be great places to learn. The first is Playa Pochomil. This beach has a bunch of restaurants on the beach and is a very popular place for Managuans to visit on the weekends. The second beach is Playa Quisala. This beach is generally not crowded and is a great place to learn. Long boarders love it here.

The department of Leon boasts a number of decent surf beaches. All of which are approximately a 30-40 minute bus ride from the City of Leon. Playa Las Penitas tends to be crowded with beach goers. It is of low to moderate difficulty. Playa Poneloya has much fewer people and has a slightly more difficult break. Playa Sandino is also relatively less crowded than Las Penitas and is of moderate difficulty. Playa Sandino has recently received some favorable coverage in the international media.

There are two decent surf beaches in the department of Chinandega. The easiest one to get to is Playa Corinto. You can get to this beach via a 20 minute bus ride from the town of Chinandega. This beach is generally quite empty. It is of moderate difficulty and there are some hotels and restaurants in the area. The other beach is Playa Asseradores. Playa Asserdores is more difficult to get to and is of moderate to high level of difficulty.